Welcome to my blog – my Magical Kingdom. My name is Isabelle. It’s great having you here as a royal guest!

I am a Poet, Writer, Editor, Journalist, Blogger, Traveler, Yoga Master… and a Dreamer.

I love to realize my dreams – I was made for it.

In this kingdom that is my blog, I will share with you my background, passions, interests, insights and life’s experiences related to: 

writing – traveling – creativity – health – wellness – music – dance – love – friendship – dreams (how to dream and how to fulfill our dreams) – how to discover and fulfill our life’s mission – how to broaden our horizons – how (and why) to build and live a meaningful, valuable and enjoyable experience on our magnificent planet.

I will tell you inspirational stories in a healthy, fashionable way. My life is rich in treasures, and I’ll let you discover all of them throughout this marvellous blog.

Welcome into my Magical Kingdom – and I’ll see you soon!


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