Looking at the Sky… again !

On December 22, at night, and in the night of December 23-24, I saw the moon, the stars, some of them so bright and shining with so much vigor, it seemed they were moving, or dancing!

The most amazing thing is the pictures I took. The most impressive one is from 4 AM on December 24, but Apple doesn’t allow me to post it here. But it happened on Dec. 22 as well, and here is one of my pictures from Dec. 22, at 11:35 PM. It’s not a one-time-only phenomenon because it happened two nights in a row, so something’s going on here. I’m wondering what I’m going to see in the next few days…

Look at this.

It looks like a StarShip…

In the next few days, I will post more pictures here (I have many).

For now, I just wanted to show you this picture, and to have your comments on it.

See you soon !


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