Area 51, Nevada, on my way to L.A., December 17, 2017, at 1:37:35 PM

Here’s what I saw at about 35,000 feet in the air, on my way to Los Angeles (from where I would embark on my connected flight to Hawaii), in the afternoon of December 17, 2017.

I was astonished! Guess what I think it is ? I am convinced there are three SpaceShips. I had no doubts about it, and even today.

When I got to the Los Angeles Airport, while waiting for my flight to Honolulu, I was walking around and saw a Bookstore. They are my favorite places in a airport, so I entered the Bookstore. And what do I see ? On the front page of a Newspaper, it says “Government spent $22 million on UFO research”. I laughed, and thought: “OK, there’s something going on here! It’s real! I’m glad I just saw those three Spaceships from the plane.

During my 3-month stay on Kauai (Hawaii), I visited a couple of bookstores. One day, I see this book (see the book’s cover below), and bought it right away. I read it within one or two days. Then I told myself : “OK, something’s going on here”.

Where I was born, in Quebec, CANADA, people don’t talk much about ExtraTerrestrial beings and SpaceShips. So I was delighted to discover that in the United States of America, there is something going on, and that at least the Newspapers write about it, and they even put it on the Front Page, in BIG LETTERS.

Look, I just made a google search, and found two Newspaper’s articles with SIMILAR TITLES.

The first article is dated Dec. 16, 2017, and the other one, Dec. 18, 2017.

Those articles reveal that it’s not a “conspiracy theory”… Any question ?

Here’s the cover of the book I bought and read on Kauai Island, in December 2017.

Photo Credit Isabelle Bussières Copyright

I read a few pages the other night. I will read it again and again.

And I will continue to search, and read everything I can, and watch as many videos as I can.

I’ll let you know if I discover something ASTONISHING.


Cette nouvelle est passée sur CNEWS, SOIR INFO, FRANCE INTER. La vidéo ci-dessous est CNEWS.

JEAN-CLAUDE BOURRET, journaliste, écrivain, explique tout. Il vient de sortir un livre, “Contacts Cosmiques”.

Général HAIM ESHED a déclaré qu’il existe une fédération galactique.

avec Jean-Pierre Petit


J’ai mis le lien de la libraire Renaud Bray, une librairie québécoise, car j’achète le moins possible sur Amazon. Mais le livre est disponible partout dans la francophonie, notamment et

And here’s a great report on “Popcorn Planet” channel on YouTube. I am in touch with this great guy, who is a believer because all the facts and proofs are here and there in plain sight! It’s time for Humanity to get ready! Wake up guys!

And a movie that has just been released on Netflix and Amazon: “The Phenomenon”. And there are many other movies and reports available everywhere on the Web.

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