Bali 2020 en Images

Here’s my trip in Bali. From December 18, 2019 to February 14, 2020

All pictures are from me. Enjoy ! I will add more information in the next few days.

Nusa Penida, February 2020
This is the view from my room, in Amed, January 2020
Amed, January 2020
My bungalow in Nusa Penuda, February 2020
My last day in Nusa Penida, a motorbike road trip, at Sunset, February 2020
Butterflies are Magnificent in Bali
Nusa Penida, bungalows where I stayed, February 2020
View from my bungalow’s terrace, Amed, January 2020
Amed, January 2020
Nusa Penida, February 2020
Nusa Penida, February 2020
My Room on Gili Air, February 1st, 2020
At the Private Villa where I stayed in Lovina, January 2020
At the Private Villa where I stayed in Lovina. 2020
A hotel I stayed in, Amed, after Gili Air, January 2020
Amed, January 2020
Beautiful and Peaceful Pemuteran, January 2020
A one-day motorbike trip to Kuta, January 2020
Pura Vida
Gili Air (I played with the colors in this picture – it looks like a painting, isn’t?), January 2020
My Yogic Friend in Lovina, my motorbike driver, who drove me in the mountains and waterfalls, and rice fields… I love her, she’s a gorgious, generous soul. I was so blessed to meet her.
January 2020
My very first night in Ubud, Bali – the View from my Room, at Sunset. December 18, 2019
Landing in Bali, December 18, 2019
Nusa Penida, February 2020
Kuta, a one-day motorbike trip, December 2020
Ubud, December 2020
Ubud, December 2019
Ubud, in my room, at my balinese family, December 2020
Ubud, January 2020
Blessed Isa at a Resort, in Ubud, on Christmas Day, December 25, 2019
Happy & Serene Isa at Saraswati Temple, in Ubud, January 2020
Beautiful Pemuteran, with its Pink Skies, January 2020
My bungalow in Nusa Lembongan, February 2020
Git Git Waterfalls, January 2020
Waterfalls / Cascades in the mountains near Lovina, January 2020
Beautiful Village, Peaceful, Quiet : Pemuteran, February 2020
Beautiful beach and volcano in Amed, January 2020
Isabelle happy, in Amed, January 2020
Me, Blessing the Day, in Nusa Penida, February 2020
I told you, I find feathers everywhere I go.
Nusa Penida, where I stayed. February 2020
Gaga (balinese, the guy in the picture), at a Spa & Bungalows, Ubud. January 2020
Nusa Penida, February 2020.

2020 started this way for me…. could not imagine what was to come less than 3 months later… I glad I enjoyed it over there !

2020 a commencé ainsi pour moi…. eh ben dis donc, je pouvais pas imaginer le reste de l’année… j’ai bien fait d’en profiter !

Landing on the island of the gods… Bali, My Love… I miss you.

Mon arrivée à Bali, l’ile des dieux… Bali, Mon Amour… je m’ennuie.

By your ticket and join me in Bali ! / Achète ton billet et viens me rejoindre à Bali !
Nusa Penida, February 2020.
My favorite motorbike trip in Bali… in the last days… magnificent memory. Sunrise. 5:30 AM. Nusa Penida. February 2020. Just love this place. / Ma “ride” de moto préférée à Bali… dans les derniers jours… souvenir magnificent. Lever de soleil. 5:30 AM. Février 2020. Nusa Penuda.
On the road again… on a boat from somewhere to somewhere. (I will give more details later).
Beautiful, Peaceful, Quiet Place, Nusa Penida. February 2020, Sunrise.
Nusa Penida, February 2020. Sunrise. 5:30 AM. Road Trip on a MotorBike.
Nusa Penida, February 2020.
Nusa Penida, February 2020.
Nusa Ceningan, February 2020. Sunset.

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