SpaceShip in the sky of Quebec CANADA

…and messages in the form of electrical impulses.


On the night of October 20-21, 2020, I was serenely watching the film Celestial Prophecy. I was about to go to bed when I heard a deafening noise, which sounded like an invasion. It was 3:00 AM.

The noise vaguely resembled that of a helicopter, but with a more muffled and regular hum (less jerky than a helicopter). And it was shaking. It overwhelmed me. The sound, the vibration and the “presence” (uplifting energy) was so strong and strange, I jumped from my chair instantly, and went out on the field, almost in panic. (I did not think at all about bringing my cell phone to take pictures or videos : I was in a kind of euphory; the sound ans the energy was very INTENSE and SUDDEN, It really took me by surprise (surprise is a weak word here) so I don’t have pics or videos, but it’s REAL – the picture is in my mind and in every cell of my body).

So I go outside and I listen to the noise to detect precisely where it comes from. The noise in question is much more impressive once outside. The noise takes me to the little bridge, from where I can see the horizon and the “show” of the sky. And there, what do I see? In the distance, behind the very opaque gray-white clouds, I see three green phosphorescent, fluorescent lights, the kind of green I have never seen in my life. A beautiful, luminous, soft green, a bit like spring green, but fluorescent. The three green lights are lined up side by side with some distance between them, and these three green lights are followed by a fourth one, this one red. The lights move towards the northwest. They move slowly, strangely… 


From early September 2020 until today, December 14, 2020, I’ve been having many interstellar communication experiences (telepathic contacts, electrical contacts, and visual contacts). But on that night of October 20-21, 2020, what I saw and heard was crystal clear: it was a SpaceShip, and I felt, when I saw it, that they were coming to show them off to ME. I felt within me that they wanted me to SEE THEM, because I’d been asking them, in the last few weeks, to reveal themselves to me.

What I saw that night was a Friendly SPACESHIP – or the opposite, I can’t say for sure at this moment. This SpaceShip was very well camouflaged by the immense opaque gray-white cloud that covered the entire sky. Coincidence? Many people believe that “they” artificially form clouds in the sky to camouflage the SpaceShips, which will, according to certain theories, become visible to our eyes more and more often, more and more clearly, and which will also get closer and closer to the earth.

It goes without saying that I was seized to see this SpaceShip. It confirms the “theories” that have been abounding lately, that we are on the verge of seeing these SpaceShips in large numbers. What is the purpose of these Ships? It is not yet clear. As I have just said, there are many theories circulating on this subject, and since I am not convinced of any of them to date, I will refrain from expressing my opinion – at least for the moment.  To be continued…

I was impressed by the magnitude of the noise – deaf, ubiquitous. A very egressive noise and sensation. When I saw the direction that the Spaceship was taking, I started running, like an illuminated woman, to the other end of the field. If someone had seen me running like that, in the middle of the night, he/she would surely have thought that I was stung by a wasp. But there are no wasps in October in Quebec.

When I arrived at the other end of the field, I only saw the red light behind the SpaceShip; it moved away and was hidden from my view by the trees. What is certain is that it was very low; otherwise, I would have seen the green lights shining in the sky.

I was about to go back to my cottage when suddenly another noise was heard, this time just above me. A deafening helicopter noise, military style. A very aggressive, panicky noise. That’s when the fear took hold of me. Normally I would have run to the cottage to take refuge there, but instead, I just stood there walking around, circling in circles, while this helicopter flew over the gray and black sky just above my head. It was terrifying; I thought I was in the middle of a war scene. But I kept my calm by repeating to myself: “Everything is just an illusion”. This material world is just an illusion.” This is my new mantra; it helps me to stay calm in any situation. This fright lasted a minute or two while the helicopter flew away. Then it was almost dead calm…

I then walked for an hour (until 4:00 AM), from one end of the field to the other. I went back to the small bridge; I observed the sky, looking for something. I could still hear the muffled roar of the Vessel, already far away. But it was still in the vicinity, not so far away. The distant humming persisted. You know, it’s like when you witness an earthquake; even when the hum stops, you still hear or feel it inside you for hours, days, weeks, even years; it stays inside you as a memory, as a programming, as a trauma. 

It is the next day, October 21, and as I transcribe this (I wrote the story in detail at 4:30 AM on paper), I still feel the memory of the humming inside me. And those phosphorescent green lights : Wow!

My story doesn’t end there. I walked around, so, for an hour, between 3 and 4 AM. On the little bridge, I realized that the huge opaque gray-white cloud had spread all around, covering the whole sky. Would this Ship have intentionally formed opaque clouds to cover the whole sky so that we could not see the craft?  I keep asking myself this question over and over again. I went to observe the sky on the other side of the bridge. There, there is this pink glow that I have been observing for weeks. But day by day this pink glow is getting bigger and bigger. Last night it reached its peak. So I observed for a while this pink glow, hidden, just like the Vessel a little earlier, behind more or less opaque clouds. Then I started talking to that pink glow: “If it’s a spaceship, appear to me; I want to know.” I must have stayed there for a good twenty minutes, but the Vessel did not reveal itself to me (should there have been one behind that pink cloud). I told myself: in due course, it will happen, as it always does in life. When the student is ready, the Vessel appears! And didn’t you see, a little earlier, this Vessel with green lights?

I was about to return (the wind had suddenly risen, it was suddenly colder and colder, as if the big opaque clouds were intentionally cooling our atmosphere; and we keep talking about global warming! It’s quite the opposite that happens, at least in Quebec; here, it’s the Ice Age that’s coming back! Last year, in Montreal, there was snow that stayed on the ground for many days, and it was October; I had never seen anything like it in my life. And the whole month of October and November was winter in Montreal. Normally, winter starts around December in the Montreal area. Hello global warming!!!!).

To get back to my “sheep” (funny expression to use from now on in 2020! ): I had resigned myself to not seeing a Vessel appear in all its splendor behind the pink-tinted cloud, and I was about to go home, when suddenly, I see a particular phenomenon : a mini-mini grey-shadow cloud, almost transparent but at the same time tinged with black spots, moves quite quickly – and strangely enough – in front of my eyes, almost at eye level – that is to say, it was low; and I watch it move, and I have the impression, even the certainty, intuitively, that it is an entity from elsewhere that manifests itself as a strange cloud. Really strange, and not easy to explain in words for you readers. These phenomena are very complex to describe, because a good part of intuition, of the inner gaze is what gives relevance to our senses when we see this kind of phenomena. The little grey, almost transparent cloud was moving very quickly, even though at that time the wind had not yet manifested itself; there was very little wind at that time. It was later that the wind picked up (correction on what I said above; sorry, but I try to put everything in order as much as possible; I witnessed so many things in only one hour: it’s completely crazy!) 

Then another mini grey-white almost transparent cloud appeared, also very low and moving very fast. I thought it was really strange. I felt inside me that they were indeed very dark entities. These entities chose the shape of clouds to come lurking around. But prowling around who? Many people say that for some time now we have been literally bombarded with very dark frequencies that are trying to lower the frequencies of people who are in the process of Ascension, of those who are ready for the great evolution of consciousness. But dark energies or no dark energies that attack us, when we are ready for Ascension, nothing can prevent that; absolutely nothing. When we are ready, it means that we are in possession of our divine power, which is invincible. On the other hand, those who are still very deep in 3D (material reality, low densities) will unconsciously feel these dark energies lurking around and they will be affected by these heavy and harmful frequencies. This is where the real problem for humanity is right now. But it doesn’t matter: there are enough human beings right now living in high enough frequencies to be able to create a positive impact by raising the frequencies of human beings who are in the lower energies; the people on earth who embody this high frequency will automatically help others to raise their frequencies; it’s like a magnet attracting another magnet.

When I saw these two mini clouds (dark entities) moving in front of my eyes, I took deep breaths to raise my frequencies so that I would not be affected by these low energies that gravitate around my cottage. I don’t give them permission to enter my bubble; on the contrary, I totally detach myself from them, and my divine light, my high frequencies automatically chase them away from my reality. My light dissolves them completely. This is how we protect ourselves; by becoming conscious of these low entities, we block them from our world, from our reality, and they disperse and dissolve instantly (from our high-frequency world); but these entities remain in the material world (3D, low frequencies, density) if the people of this 3D reality are not conscious of them.

So I left the pink glow of the sky to return to the cottage. But I had the idea to go to another spot on the land, from where I could see the sky and the horizon. And there, another phenomenon happened: I was looking at the sky, looking for something, when suddenly I started receiving electrical impulses, which materialized/manifested themselves in the form of small silver lightning bolts. The first electrical impulse was blatant, powerful, very sharp, very bright silvery color. Wow! I exclaimed. Then another impulse in the form of silver lightning appeared. Then another, and another, and another, and so on. It lasted for a good five or ten minutes (until I decided to go home for good). Oh boy, the sky is electrified tonight! All these phenomena, one after the other… There’s no chance. All the phenomena I saw last night are all connected. The electrical impulses came from the Vessels, and they transmitted a message in the form of electrical currents, electrical impulses, like waves, but hyper-powerful, and traveling at lightning speed. That was my feeling at that time. I was being communicated with in a very subtle way – in an “extraterrestrial” way. This is not the first time I have been addressed in this way; a similar communication occurred in Montreal last May (May 2020). I will talk about it in an upcoming article. (That time, in May, the electrical communication was in the form of flashs/lights, as if coming from a photo camera).

And as if all this was not enough, another phenomenon occurred earlier in the evening, before the Vessel appeared. Some will tell me: this phenomenon can be explained very well technically, rationally. OK. But my conclusion comes from my intuitions, my feelings, not from the rational, logical mind.

So here is this other phenomenon: at sunset, I went to the little bridge. I take a picture, then a second one. Then I look at the first picture: Oh, my God, it’s weird. It’s not the first time I’ve seen this kind of phenomenon in photos, it happens to me very often, and I have some pretty interesting flyers that I should publish, by the way. The second photo is OK. I’m attaching them below, and I’ll let you make your own interpretation. If you see something special, you can let me know in the comments, on this blog, at the end of my article. These photos have not been retouched in any way. Ah, and a very important detail about the photo below: this is the exact spot where, five hours later, the Vessel would appear. On the picture, we see “waves, an aura, an energy, a vortex, or something like that”….

Photo 1

Photo 2 – just after photo 1

After inserting these images, I wrote the caption referring to the photos; I then realize that these photos were taken on 20-10-2020, at 22:10. Only 0’s, 1’s and 2’s, 10’s and 20’s. Impressive. And precisely (synchronicity), the rest of my article ends on numerology, the sequences of numbers that have been appearing everywhere for years, but more intensely in recent months. The sequences of numbers have started to become more and more complex, or precise. Here are a few phenomena that have appeared to me over the last few days, and it’s happening all the time, every day.

A phenomenon that has been happening for me for a long time: series of numbers.

Here’s one of my latest:

18:18 – October 18, 2020


20:20 – October 20, 2020

It just happens like that, by chance, the few times I pick up my phone; it’s been closed 23 hours a day for the last month, so the chances of it happening are very slim. For example, my phone is closed; I decide to go for a walk, I bring my phone with me in case there’s a nice picture to take while I’m walking. Suddenly, I see a beautiful landscape. I open my phone to capture the moment, spontaneously; and when the phone opens, I see on the screen 18:18, October 18th. That’s how it happens, every time.

I could write an article about numerology and all these incredible series of numbers that appear on my cell phone, my computer, my clocks, and everywhere I go. It’s mind-boggling, it’s crazy ! But I love it. The Universe is talking to me. The Universe wants to draw my attention to something special, that’s for sure. And that something special is the world of the Invisible, the ways in which the Universe communicates, attracts our attention – and so that we don’t feel alone in this immense Universe, which is perfect and intelligent.

I’ll stop here for today, and I’ll see you very soon for more phenomenal adventures.

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Om Shanti,

Isabelle (Rishie Kamala)

COMPLEMENT: I was in the kitchen, and through the mini window I see the beautiful new moon. I’m like, “Wow! She’s beautiful!” I go out to see it, capture it in pictures, and then decide to go for a walk. On the way, I take pictures, as I often do. I add here the strange and fabulous pictures that are the witnesses of this delectable moment of my October 20, 2020 evening. Some pictures have a Halloween atmosphere. Good night, or good morning, depending on where you are.

I’ll add a last one in the wink of an eye. This one I did on purpose when I saw that we were approaching 21:21.

Ha Ha

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