I have just returned from a trip throughout space and time. I discovered new universes, new galaxies. I met magnificent forms of existence. Most of them are well-intentioned.

During this long journey, which lasted 2500 years (but is the equivalent of five Earth minutes), I received many electrical flashes, just as it happened to me in 2020 during the confinement; I had started receiving electric flashes/pulses. It first started in my Montreal apartment; one afternoon, “photo flashes” came through my living room’s window. This happened four or five times within five minutes. These electrical impulses actually looked like “camera flashes, or the flash of a cell phone camera”. Light at the speed of light. Which makes a “bzit” sound. You know? Like someone taking an electric shock with a wire. That day I knew that someone, or something, was trying to communicate with me. Coincidence: I had just had a friend over, a native American Indian, and he had just lost his father. I happen to communicate with the spirit of the deceased, and my adopted shaman had also passed away the year before. He has always communicated with me ever since, notably by laying feathers of all kinds on the ground, wherever I go, in any country. Then at the beginning of the confinement, he came to tell me “Don’t worry; everything will be fine”.

The electric flash experiment was repeated at my cottage in October 2020, in the area of Laval, Qc, CANADA. I had just seen a SpaceShip, probably a Pleiadian SpaceShip (who knows), because they did everything to attract my attention, and to draw me to their sight at the exact spot where they were passing; and they passed very slowly, hidden in the thick clouds, but with their four fluorescent lights in full view: 3 luminescent golden greens, and a red one in the back. The communication I received from them was: “We have caught your attention and we are passing very slowly so that you can take the time to see us, to believe, and so that we can communicate with you”. Shortly afterwards, once the Vessel was camouflaged by the trees on the horizon, I was about to go back to the cottage, but my intuition told me: “Stay outside, get closer to the water, and look”. So I looked, under the trees, at the sky, at the water. I hoped to see them again, but I knew they were gone, even though I also knew they were around, not too far away, still in contact with me. And that’s when the electrical communication arrived: I had a beautiful tree in front of me, and silver-colored electrical flashes appeared in my eyes. It lasted five or ten minutes (go figure out), until I got back to the cottage. There were silver flashes that came from I don’t know where. It was very impressive. I thought, “Okay. They’re really communicating with me in a very subtle way.

I understood that day that there was a form of communication using electrical transmission of energy, light, something like that; but it definitely has to do with energy, electricity, and light.

I was in the shower (my ideas often come to me in the shower, because I’m relaxed) when I had the idea of inviting Nikola Tesla to my table tonight to talk about his inventions/discoveries/technologies, and about the “current” state of his research.

“Hello, Nikola, it pleases me to receive you tonight in my humble home, which is in fact a laboratory for artistic and scientific research. Look, I’ll show you my laboratory. I created it in August 2019 when I had just moved here after fleeing the plateau Mont-Royal because of nightmarish constructions around my house. This is the entrance to my lab:

It says : Welcome into Isabelle’s Experimental Laboratory, A Creative Space where Wonderful, Astonishing Things Finally Reach the Light at the Other Side of the Infinite Ocean of Life. Thanks to Our Proud Partner. Photo Credit Isabelle Bussières Copyright, December 7, 2020

“Nikola, most people would be surprised to see you back on planet Earth. They probably wouldn’t believe it, think you’re a hologram. But in fact, the question that should be asked instead is: “Aren’t we, on Earth, in a hologram? Isn’t life on Earth an artificially created Matrix?”

” Indeed, Rishie Kamala, you asked the right question. Answers are not important; questions are important. But I will still give you the answer: “You are absolutely right. Some entities from elsewhere have created an artificial matrix around the Earth. Humans have been taken over. This illusory matrix is about to disappear, because we have kindly asked these evil entities to go away, to disappear. Almost all of them have left aboard their ships; we have strongly recommended that they visit other universes, and leave the humans, who have been massacred for many centuries, if not millennia. They left backwards, angry, but we made a “deal” with them. We offered them a pact: if they left Earth, we would give them another planet, but this one is virgin, uninhabited. So they can have fun there if they want to, but we’re watching them. When entities try to destroy one planet, it has an impact on all the other planets around it. They were on the verge of succeeding in their plan for global control on Earth; you know, there wasn’t much light and energy and prana left on Earth; thank goodness some of us came back from the past and from the future to help you, because you wouldn’t have gotten out of yourselves. That’s where we are now; almost all of them have left. There are one or two grumpy, grumpy ones who are dragging their heels, but we are watching them and have given them a final date, an ultimatum, to leave Earth so that everything on Earth will be ready for your Christmas Eve. It will be the most beautiful Christmas that all humanity has ever experienced. As soon as those two or three grunts are gone, we will be able to activate the light codes thanks to the electrical flashes we have set up all around the planet. We plan to activate the electric current as early as December 17, and until December 21, 2020. We started a long time ago to give back light and energy to the Earth, but we went gradually so that humans can integrate it quietly, slowly, without it seeming too much. But in order to properly awaken the mass that was hypnotized by TV, we need to provoke a more powerful discharge, and it is around December 21, 2020 that this will happen. We have aligned several planets so that this electrical discharge can have an impact on all of humanity as a whole. It will be an immense, extraordinary discharge. But don’t worry: we have also planned a calming after this intense flash: we will gradually reduce the light so that everyone can rest, integrate, and finally peacefully enter their new reality. It will be grandiose to see; it will be biblical, as some people have fun saying. We are ready, and we see that many, many souls on Earth are looking forward to this moment, which will be an extraordinary gift for them. Of course, at the moment, these people look like fools, but don’t worry about that; I too, Nikola Tesla, looked like a fool with my revolutionary ideas. I’m going to have to go back, Rishie Kamala, because we have a lot of work to do; it’s already December 7, 2020; there’s very little time left. If you want to be part of what’s left of the preparation, you’re welcome. Publish an article about my coming tonight, and share it with your friends; maybe my visit will reassure them, fill them with wonder? Of course, most of them won’t believe it; they’ll think it’s an imaginary fairy tale, in the modern fairy tale style, surrealist, in the kind of maybe magical realism, you know, that kind of thing…. But in fact, it’s magical realism that we’re talking about. Of course, again, they won’t believe any of this.

“Wasn’t it Einstein who said to parents, ‘If you want to make your kids smart, read them fairy tales?'”

“No, Kamala, it wasn’t Einstein who said that; my God, another fake news. Oh boy, it’s raining fake news all over the world, isn’t it? Imagine that it was I, Nikola Tesla himself, who recommended that parents read stories to their children to instill intelligence, or rather to “rekindle”, if I may say so, their creativity, their imagination, their passions, in short.

“The fake news, Oh my God – uh, I mean, Oh my Tesla!! LOL. It’s incredible how Earthlings have been crushed by media hypnosis, especially in 2020. But hey, that’s the end of it in a few days: what a relief for me, and for all of us who watched that horror show in the Matrix. Thank you for helping us, Nikola Tesla, you and all your team of Shining Galactic Warriors. I let you go. And yes I will participate in the Collective Awakening by publishing a story about your visit. See you soon Nikola, I embrace you, and I’ll see you somewhere in a galaxy not too far away.

“Great, Kamala; see you soon, my dear Rishie. Kisses. And good luck! LOL.


After writing this surrealist text in the spirit of magic realism, I did a photo research on Tesla. I discovered many articles and videos that go in the direction of my intuition, notably on Einstein, fake news, and Nikola Tesla’s secret laboratory in Quebec (CANADA). I am also attaching a video explaining Tesla’s discoveries, which are consistent with my own experiences, which, by the way, are real. Since 2010, I have been writing initiation tales in the spirit of magical realism. Just so you know. And guess what? Everything I write manifest itself later in a near future…

I want to add an anecdote here about something I saw a very long time ago; the memory of this event just came back to my mind right now. I wish to share it with you. It’s just one among many many other blissful stuff I’ve been experiencing throughout my life, which has been a fairy tale (sometimes demons appear to give you a hard time or try to eliminate you; but they can’t eliminate me, cos I’m stronger then them; I am invincible).

In 1998, on highway 40, between Montreal and Quebec City, while I was driving, a luminous, phosporescent green ball, quite big, crossed the sky in front of me, at low altitude; the green ball came from the left, crossed in front of my eyes, to get lost in a bush. I have had this memory in my mind since 1998. I continue my investigations…

And more news to come soon.


P.S.: My stories, written in the spirit of magical realism, become, most of the time, real. I know that many people prefer the real; others prefer the unreal. What about you?

So this novel, Return to Atlantis, is becoming partly real; or is it reality that becomes unreal, surreal? The surreal becomes real… You understand what I mean, I guess…

Here’s an article I wrote in October 2020; these are experiences I had over a short period of time (one hour), between 3:00 AM and 4:00 AM. 2020 is the Time for Great Revelations and The Great Awakening.

So everything in this article is real, the conversation, the feeling that Nikola was with me (after all, everything is possible when we talk about space-time travel, especially when you know that Nikola Tesla invented the technologies of the SpaceShip, Anti-Gravity stuff, and that he had Interstellar Communication with the Galactic Intelligence. The only thing that comes from my imagination is that I did not physically traveled throughout space for 2,500 years; but I feel that I’ve been doing it in the past, that I might be doing it with my “double”, in parallel worlds so to say, and that I am about to do it again for real. Everything is possible, we are much more than what we think we are. We are Stars from the Space.

Salud, Cheers, Om Shanti, Namaste, Amen.

The Light Is Coming on Planet Earth. Get Ready. It is NOW.

I will soon add more videos, pictures and information here in this article. Keep coming back. I’ll let you know when there is an UPDATE.

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