A few extra-humans races

by Paul Wilson

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November 29, 2020 ⭐💫🦁 LYRANS / URMAH 🦁💫⭐ These beings are the first humans in the galaxy. They come from the constellation Lyra, where they started a society that became very powerful, based on the decisions that the female side of the brain made. For this reason they are considered progressive, since the feminine side is more understanding and respectful. However, they were forced to fight when they were invaded by the Reptilians. While fleeing from them they formed several colonies throughout various systems solar, creating various descendant species, such as the Pleiadians. The origin of the Lyrians is not known totally, but it is believed that they come from a previous civilization called “Paa Tal”, which was the creator of the physical universe. Lyrians can be found on Earth, in human form, or in other higher levels of density “✨🙌✨ Characteristics: It is said that it is the oldest civilization in the universe, it is even attributed the creation of species of life and evolution, as is the Pleiades, Vega and even the earth. Its angelic and felinoid appearance can perhaps confirm ancient religion. They are beings that no longer present a material presence, however their powerful energy creates an identity between elf and angel. But they also manifest in other ways. Due to their roots we can visualize them as felines with or without wings Place of origin: Constellation of Lyra, a small constellation where the Vega star becomes the most visible, however, the inhabitants of Vega are not what we call Lyrans. Vibration: Their vibration is very high, they must lower their vibration to communicate with us. And they have the ability to modify it and also its appearance. How to contact: Because its vibration is very high, a deep meditative state is necessary, therefore there are not many contacted by this race. Unless they require it and seek you out.

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