BACK IN ATLANTIS, Chapter 2 – Rebirth: I am Rishie Kamala

“The Rishis are gone. »

When Dr. Bali whispers these words to my ear, an idea instantly comes to me: “Wake up, Kamala; you are one of those Rishis. It’s time to wake up. »

Dr. Bali then adds a few words that arouse my curiosity: “It is not through postures that we heal, but through sounds. Sound healing works well. »

My first thought is: “That’s good to know! I take note of it. »

Now lie down on your mat,” says Dr. Bali. We’re going to do some postures with singing bowls.”

As soon as I lie down on my mat, the bowls start singing. I immediately feel at peace. My body and mind relax as if by magic. The sound of the bowls reminds me of something… I now hear divine cymbals singing somewhere up there… then I hear drums… I hear beautiful voices… it’s like angels singing, just for me. Suddenly I feel at home. I feel that those souls, far away, over there, are my family, my heavenly brothers and sisters. It’s magical…

I’m so peaceful and comfortable; I feel like I’m in absorbent cotton. That’s how I fall asleep slowly but surely…

“Oh, my God, what is that? Where am I? This bright light… I’m not home. Where am I?”

A lot of people are around me. Some of them have strange tools in their hands. Some want to take me away, but I don’t want to. I resist. And that light shining above me… what is it? 

They had a hard time taking me away from mom. They pushed on my jaw. It hurts! Why are they doing this to me? My jaw is so painful now…

I hear a strange voice, coming from far away… ” Wake up, Kamala. Wake up, Kamala. It’s okay, you’re here with me, with all of us. »

I’m sweating. And I’m crying.

“Oh! Dr. Bali! That was awful! What they did to me was horrible! Now I understand why my jaw was deformed. They went after my jaw like I was an animal! Animals are treated better than babies, I think. »

Where were you?” Dr. Bali asks. Please explain, so that everyone here in this room can understand what you are saying. »

“I am about to be born, on this earth, in this life. They had a hard time getting me out of my mother’s womb. They pushed on my jaw so hard, it hurt so much… They should have done it in a better way. »

“So that’s why you had to have jaw surgery,” explains Dr. Bali.

“Yes, that’s why I had to have surgery. And not only did this operation not help, but it caused more pain. »

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine. When you begin to become aware of a problem, it means that healing is already underway. You can heal from the pain caused by your birth and your surgery. »

“I believe you. But there’s another thing I didn’t like about being in the hospital when I was born. That strong light on me… I understand now why, in this life, I always felt attacked by all the artificial lights. Wherever I am, in a shopping mall, in an office or in any room where there is artificial light, I just want to run away! The only light I like is natural light, sunlight… or candles; yes, candles! That’s why I love candles so much! »

Dr. Bali explains: “Those people in the hospital didn’t know what they were doing. Let’s heal your pain. Sound healing will do you good while you practice yoga. It is good that you share your experience with others because they can better understand where you come from and who you really are. And maybe your story will resonate with theirs… then they can identify with you. It creates something, like a community of people who are open-minded, people who care about themselves and others, you know? »

In the evening, when I get home, I sit at my desk and write :

I feel like I’m being reborn. Reliving my birth has been a revelation. Now I understand why I had these jaw pains when I was little. I also understand why I had so many nightmares as a teenager. And why, too, I never liked artificial lights. It all makes sense now. It’s good that I went back to those painful moments of my birth; I can now set myself free from the pain, and be born again. I’m a new baby now; a new living being. My name is Rishi Kamala. I remember everything now. I remember my true nature. She comes from Atlantis. There, on this old continent, all the lights and sounds were natural; all the lights and sounds came from rainbows, trees, flowers, birds… Natural sounds and colors surrounded us all the time: ducks, crickets…. wind in the leaves, ocean waves… That’s why in this present life, on Earth, I always wanted to be by the ocean, or in the forest, in nature. When I am in a city, I miss nature. It’s as if I can’t live in a city anymore: too much artificial sound, too much artificial light. But over there, in Atlantis, there are only celestial lights and sounds coming from nature. I want to go back to Atlantis… now!

What I think, I become it. Suddenly, I feel a powerful energy rising within me; an energy so powerful, it feels like a tornado is rising within me; the tornado rises first in my mind, then in every cell of my body, then everywhere around. I feel like I’m about to be hurled somewhere, but I can’t tell where exactly. The outside world seems to vanish – little by little…


In an instant, by the sole power of my intention, I am projected there. I am now back… in Atlantis.



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