‘You must go back on Earth. You have to develop your powers and help Humanity to heal from thousands years of misery.’

‘But… I prefer to stay here, with you, Seth.’

‘I know. But you must go back. They tried to eliminate you, but it was too fast. The planet needs you. Please remember, always: we’ll all be with you, helping, guiding, and protecting you. You’ll be safe. It won’t be easy, but you’ll be fine. When you get your powers back, it’ll become easier. Much easier. Dr. Bali will help you. We love you all. May you be blessed during your journey. Good luck.’


When I open my eyes, there’s a clown in front of me.’

‘Was it a joke?’ I ask the clown.

‘You’re not funny, Isa! I should ask you the same question!’

‘Who are you?’

‘Nadia, your best friend. How can you forget me?’

‘O, sorry. I’m back from Heaven. I did not want to come back here, but they say I have to.’

‘O God! Doctor, come here, fast! She’s having a delirium! I think it’s serious! Hurry up!’

Then I loose consciousness, again.


‘Remember, says Dr. Bali, you were, maybe a priest, maybe a rishi… it doesn’t matter what you were, but you were there, in Atlantis, and you said you would come back on Earth to help humanity. So, take note of your dreams when you sleep, at night. The masters and angels from up there are trying to get in touch with you. They have messages for you. The easiest way for them to communicate with you is through your dreams at night, because there are less interferences while your body and mind are at rest. When you sleep, only your soul is alert. They communicate through your soul, not through your mind. Remember this. Now, we will end the evening with a short yoga class. So, lay down on your mat… take a deep breath… then exhale… Relaxe completely… The connection with the spirits is better when you are completely relaxed…’

It’s as if Dr. Bali is talking from another planet… it’s like if his voice was coming from very far away, from the outer space, or from the earthly clouds… very strange…

‘While breathing deeply, you may fall asleep; it’s O.K…. let it be. If you fall asleep, just enjoy it. Don’t worry; I’ll wake you up.’

As he says so, my eyes are getting heavy… my whole body is getting heavy… 

‘Pat, what are you doing here?’

Pat, my brother, is hanging between the ceiling and the ground… at the one end of a cord… The cord is tight around his neck… His eyes are open, still… He tries to speak, but he can’t. 

‘Don’t move, I’m gonna help you, my dear brother. You won’t die. You’re O.K.’

His eyes are fixed on me. It’s scary. Will I be able to bring him back to life? His whole body is dead, except that his eyes are still open. But they’re gazing at me…

Then a car is driving towards me… I’m in the middle of the street. I’m not supposed to be here, on this street. So the car hits me. Too bad. It hurts, but not for long… I loose consciousness. A concussion, the doctor tells everybody. I am brought to the nearest hospital.

‘You have to go back on Earth, says Seth. They tried to eliminate you, but they won’t succeed, never. You have to develop your powers to help Humanity against the terrible power of the devil.’

When I wake up, Dr. Bali is beside me. I sit on my mat and tell him right away about these two dreams. He says ‘your brother is trying to tell you something from up there. What do you think it is?’

‘I don’t know, but I guess I’ll figure it out.’

‘I think he wants you to heal from his suicide. And you must heal from your car accident. You’re here with me, now, not in the past anymore.’

As he says that, I have a feeling that I was a Rishi in a past life. That I am back here to write stories about Atlantis. I was a Rishi in Atlantis. People need to know how life was in Atlantis. How magnificent we all were – compared to zombies we all became. 

Then more insights comes within in the form of thoughts: The problem here on Earth, right now, is about technology. It’s not good to use it. We are controlled and spied by the Devil through technology. We have to find a way to escape technology.

As I am about to leave the yoga room, Dr. Bali comes to me.

‘Take this. It was given to me by my mother.’

I open the box. In it, there is a quill pen, an inkwell and a parchment.

As soon as I’m back home, I sit at my desk, light a candle, and open the box.

I take the precious quill pen, open the inkwell, and put the parchment on my desk. Then I start writing:

Many thousands years ago, Atlantis was fully alive. There were living beautiful creatures. Their only purpose was to experience their divine powers and talents. So life was very peaceful. They did not need food, nor talks. They were using telepathy to communicate, which means as soon as they had a thought, everybody else was aware of that thought. They were no cars, no engines. Only trees and flowers. Everybody was at peace, and happy. Nobody wanted to die. Why would they? Life was about sharing their talents with each other. Money did not exist. Time did not exist…



Written in Montreal in September 2019 – Right before « The Big 2020 Crisis !


  1. Merci Isabelle de nous faire voyager à travers les récits de tes aventures dans le monde magique d’Isabelle.

    1. Merci Hélène pour ton beau message. Je suis toujours ravie de lire les commentaires de mes soeurs et frères d’âme. À bientôt pour de nouvelles suites aux voyages dans les espaces-temps de notre Univers d’amour.

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