2020 Trauma Healing

Healing is on its way for humanity

Dear friends,

I will soon share with you my latest writings of the last few years. I have been very prolific all my life in terms of writing, but I always put off publishing my works.

I have now healed from the trauma of the last six months. How did I do it? I finally accepted everything that happened. I collected myself with myself, in nature, isolated, far from everything, far from everyone. I prayed, visualized, meditated, did yoga, walked in nature, read inspiring books and articles, listened to inspiring videos as well. I walked in nature, I observed animals, the sky, the beauties of our universe. I explored the depths of my being, I reconnected with my Soul that I love so much, and that loves me so much. I connected deeply with the Divine within me. I have forgiven those who do wrong. I am now ready to move forward with my life, with my writing and publishing projects.

It is with great pleasure that I present to you my writings of the past few years. I will do so in different ways, at my own pace, according to my inspiration of the moment.

In particular, there will be a series on yoga, one on my last trip – Bali -, one on the series The Yellow Dress, another series about a novel I started writing last year – 2019 – about a past life, my origin – and perhaps your origin as well. Then finally, I will soon publish my last book written in August 2020.

I will first publish these writings as blog posts, one chapter at a time, like a saga or a TV novel. Then afterwards will come the e-books.

You can always leave me comments to let me know which of these writings you prefer, do you look forward to the future with impatience or indifference? LOL. Or simply write me your impressions on these stories, which are mostly based on real life facts.

See you soon dear friends,

Rishi Kamala (Isabelle)

Note 1: Rishi Kamala is my first pseudonym that I use for my writings from 2020 and beyond. Texts written before 2020 will be signed with my birth name, Isabelle Bussières, because I wrote them under that name. But as of August 2020, it is my divine soul that I let “speak”, after the complete destruction of my ego.

So Rishi Kamala is my spiritual name which contains no ego – only pure divine energy.


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