Quarantine Diary

Hello everybody,

I am finally publishing my articles on my new blog.

I had planned to publish a series of articles on my recent trip to Bali (Indonesia), but have changed my plans given the current crisis. The series on Bali will come later.

For the moment, I wish to publish articles on a daily basis to inspire humans, to bring hope, comfort, compassion, love and mutual aid. Little tips that each of you can do every day to improve the whole of humanity. One step at a time, one gesture at a time, one thought at a time, one prayer at a time … one day at a time … and sometimes with a touch of humor because laughter is therapeutic.

I have voluntarily withdrawn from the world, from hectic life in recent years. Writing, yoga training and traveling are just a few of the activities I have focused my energy and attention on. I needed these years of introspection to heal my wounds from the past. In doing so, I freed myself from a lot of addictions: alcohol, endless parties, toxic relationships, the frantic race against time, and other distractions.

Today, I am able to preserve my energy and attention to projects and causes that are aligned with my new values, with my new lifestyle, which is rather Zen and solitary. Even if on occasion, I need to be in the crowd. The people I get together with have changed. Outdoor shows are what attract me the most. I no longer go to bars, me that loved bars so much. I have nothing against people who drink, rest assured. But I can tell you that my life has been totally transformed for the better since I no longer drink. I’m full of energy, I’m positive, my thoughts are much clearer and much more creative. I am no longer depressed. I don’t have a hangover the next day. I wake up at peace with myself and with life. I go for walks in nature or in town. When I walk in town, I visit artistic places: art galleries, “made in Quebec” souvenir shops, small neighborhood bookstores, nice cafes… in short, before, when I was going for walks, I was attracted to nice little pubs… now it’s the nice little artistic places… Go find out why.

Why? It’s simple: I had to stop drinking, that’s all. It was life, or death.

I chose life. And since then, life has filled me with small daily pleasures that are almost inexplicable in words. These little pleasures do not translate into words, but into emotions. But I will try to express them anyway, with my blogposts, try to translate them into words that is.

The time has come for me to publish. To come out of my “cave” and reach out to you, dear reader friend. The world needs love, hope, comfort and compassion, and this is what I aspire to convey to you through my writing. I hope that you will find pleasure in reading me, and above all, I hope that you will be “contaminated” by my wave of hope, comfort and compassion. This what I wish to convey to you today through my new blog “Eco-Traveling, Planet Healing”.

The purpose of this blog (which I created in the fall of 2019 but which I had not yet developed) is to talk about the means that one can take to travel while being eco-responsible. Obviously, with the current planetary situation, I am adapting, day by day, the content of my articles. Along these lines, I want to share the idea that traveling is also traveling through the imagination, through introspection, through thought, and my writing allows me to “travel” in those ways. So, I send my thoughts to you via this blog, like a journey from me to you.

Traveling is on hiatus for many people at the moment but let us continue to send our highest thoughts in terms of vibration to help our families, our friends, our colleagues and each human being to live more serenely this significant period in history. Let us internalize for a time of “planetary quarantine” in order to adjust to this transformation that is happening. Be nice to your close ones, as well as everyone you meet. The time has come to stand together and help each other, not just think about our individual needs. As far as I’m concerned, I take care of myself so that I can be in good health in order to continue my call to write, heal, and evolve. In doing so, I am able to write and publish these blogposts which are intended for each and every one of you for your best benefit.

I hope this text reflects my thoughts well and that it will inspire every reader.

See you soon for the next post (Saturday March 14th, I hope).

Peace, Love, Light, Hope,


Image copyright: Isabelle Bussieres

Note: The picture shows myself doing yoga in front of sunset, in Nusa Penida, Bali (Indonesia), February 2020.

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